Head issues a head to the specified url if the response is one of the following redirect codes head follows the redirect up to a maximum of 10 redirects 301 moved permanently 302 found 303 see other 307 temporary redirect 308 permanent redirect head is a wrapper around defaultclient head para.

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Several approaches have been developed to redirect an endonuclease to a desired target site in genomic dna the resultant double strand break is repaired usually by non homologous end joining generating a short deletion at the repair site this ldquo editing rdquo event is permanent and often leads to loss of expression of the targeted gene.

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D tga results in cyanosis in the newborn period before the 1980s surgical repair involved placement of an atrial baffle atrial switch mustard or senning procedure to redirect venous return leaving the rv as the systemic ventricle analogous to patients with l tga the rv in these patients is at increased risk of dilatation and failure.