All seasons of american horror story are interconnected and share the same timeline after the use of tempus infinituum a time travel spell in apocalypse a new revised timeline was created as a result events changed by tempus infinituum are categorized under alternate timeline each entry should be referenced to episode s and season s.

American horror story already found a way to make aliens compelling with their mysterious role in season 2 rsquo s asylum but death valley rsquo s split storylines can rsquo t find a way to connectedly outdo the terrifying experiments aliens can clearly be scary as demonstrated by asylum but death valleys aliens only really elicit fear and tension in its black and white timeline as they kill humans.

Get to know the cast and characters that are appearing in american horror story 1984 the ninth season of ryan murphys anthology series ahs 1984 is paying homage to the slasher era of horror its fair to say that the audiences have been waiting for murphy to dive into the likes of halloween and friday the 13th american horror story season 8 served as a cross over to two hellip.

In her american horror story debut ryan kiera armstrong plays alma gardener doris and harry rsquo s daughter while she may be new to the show armstrong hits hellip.

American horror story will look very different next week with the fx show moving on to a different story about ufos in the 1950s heres why season 10 is telling two different stories this year.

Wondering what you may have missed in american horror story double feature episode 8 heres your guide to whos playing richard nixon marilyn monroe and john f hellip.

American horror story double feature has taken viewers from the cold shores of provincetown to the scorching deserts of nevada where weve hellip.

Allow us to explain in july an american horror story fan account shared a snippet of a scene from the shows second season asylum in which hellip.