The georgia state board of accountancy regulates professional licensure of certified public accountants and public accounting firms in georgia.

News important per the board of accountancy credit extension requests detailing the particular cpa examination section s that will fall outside of nasba rsquo s 18 month testing window will be approved upon submission for both international and domestic candidates through september 30 2021.

Board of public accountancy due to covid 19 and for the health and safety of both consumers and staff walk in services at the department of commerce and consumer affairs offices may change at anytime please check hellip.

505 e huntland drive suite 380 austin tx 78752 3757 the mission of the texas state board of public accountancy is to protect the public by ensuring that persons issued certificates as certified public accountants possess the necessary education skills and capabilities and that they perform competently in the profession of public accountancy.

Information current as of november 22 2021 accountancy rule 30 x 3 02 2 states each licensee and non shy licensee owner shall notify the board in writing within thirty 30 days of any change of address and in the case of individual licensees and non shy licensee owners change of employment to update your contact information please go to change of hellip.

New jersey state board of accountancy the practice of accountancy is a business related discipline that promotes the reliability of information that is used for guidance in financial transactions or for accounting for or assessing the financial status or performance of commercial noncommercial and governmental enterprises.

The board consists of five members appointed by the mayor four members must each hold a license as a certified public accountant cpa in the district hold a valid permit to practice and have practiced public accountancy as a cpa in the district for a minimum of five years at the time of appointment.