Rinse the duck inside and out and thoroughly pat dry remove the tail heat 1 tablespoon oil in a wok over medium heat and swirl it around to coat the wok lower the duck into the wok breast side down and let the skin brown and crisp up slightly.

Duck sauce is a condiment popular in chinese american takeout restaurants often served with fried items such as egg rolls crab rangoon or wonton strips fried noodles it rsquo s usually a thin jelly like consistency orange in color and has a sweet and sour flavor that contrasts with those savory fried flavors.

London uk mdash the winners of the 2021 immortal awards have been announced and just four projects have been crowned immortal by this year rsquo s jury the 31 piece shortlist was discussed and debated by a global jury composed of jurors from each of this year rsquo s five regional competitions with just four immortal winners and six commendations being awarded this year.

The family hails from the metro manila suburb of pateros a town famous for balut an exotic filipino delicacy of hard boiled incubated duck egg by the way balut can also be prepared as an adobo.

From adobo to turon food that comes from the philippines satisfies here are the 50 best dishes this 17 day old duck embryo is boiled served with hellip.

Photo by holly a heyser ok folks here it is the best recipe for a deer rsquo s front shoulder i rsquo ve yet to find venison barbacoa this is a classic mexican barbacoa a mildly spicy long braised variant on barbecue works perfectly with the tough sinewy front legs on a deer or really any animal.

Authentic mole poblano is a sophisticated sauce with complex flavors and chef efrain cuevass recipe is one of the best youll try mole poblano is a bit time consuming but this recipe is worth it the sauce is delicious with chicken but its out of this world with duck and quail.

These pair best with dark meats like beef or duck dried black chiles which have a sweeter earthier flavor pair best with dark meats like hellip.

Put the sweet potatoes in a steamer basket and put the steamer in a large pot of simmering water that is 1 inch from the bottom of the basket.

Adobo for instance is an ubiquitous dish whipped up in every household in the philippines its mexican in origin but filipinos found that hellip.