New york c corporations subject to tax under article 9 a corporations subject to tax under article 9 sect 184 186 a 186 a and 186 e and corporations subject to tax under article 33 whose tax after credits for the second preceding tax year exceeds 1 000 must use form ct 300 mandatory first installment mfi of estimated tax for corporations to pay their mandatory hellip.

1 2 million ty 2016 mfi reported on the ty 2015 tax return 1 8 million from ty 2016 estimated tax payments 2 3 and 4 when corporation a files its form ct 300 to compute and remit its ty 2017 mfi in march 2017 it estimates that its ty 2016 liability which it will report on an extension request to be filed in april 2017 will be 3 1.

Census bureau releases small area income and poverty estimates for states counties and school districts the new data come from the saipe program which provides single year income and poverty statistics for the nation rsquo s 3 142 counties and 13 163 school districts.

The program distributed up to 12 9 million in rental assistance to serve an estimated 4 300 households with an average of 2 64 months of assistance of the households served more than 60 were at 30 median family income mfi and below the program received a funding injection of 3 2 million to serve participants in the rent application.

The medical fitness association is pleased to share that a recent study published in the american journal of preventive medicine concludes that ldquo membership at a medical fitness facility was associated with a reduced risk of all cause mortality and hospitalizations rdquo.

The latest general information on the coronavirus covid 19 is available on coronavirus gov for faa specific covid 19 resources please visit faa gov coronavirus.

The effects of mortgage scams impact every aspect of the home buying process in 2020 the federal bureau of investigation rsquo s internet crime complaint center reported 13 638 victims of rental or real estate fraud resulting in a total loss of 213 196 082 1 because money lost from mortgage scams can be high value and difficult to recoup predatory lenders are hellip.