Going to work recently i noticed a poster hanging by our local theater announcing an upcoming showing of the very hungry caterpillar show the memories of reading the book to countless nieces and nephews brought a smile to my face the book written primarily for preschoolers tells the story of a newly hatched caterpillar and.

Suny digital repository sdr suny open access repository soar sdr on the dspace platform is a centrally managed repository that includes collections from approximately 40 campus and suny system administration if differs from the suny open access repository soar in that its content covers a broad range of topics with a strong focus on local campus hellip.

Teachers do the best they can to keep the kids behavior in line hellip seriously before you judge what is being done maybe you should take all things into consideration your kids may be well behaved enough but a teacher has to deal with 25 in a classroom at a time and i guarentee that during the last couple weeks of school that 25 feels like 50.

This garden is tailor made for kids ages six and up to teach them hands on about growing their own plants such as herbs using hydroponics.