Salisbury steak is a perfect weeknight recipe to serve the family plate up with mashed potatoes or tasty veggies for the best comfort food i rsquo ve always loved this recipe for simple salisbury steak we rsquo ve made this dish for dinner time and time again and loved it every time follow along with us to make this solid standby dinner dish.

Banquet salisbury steak meal with mashed potatoes per 1 serving 350 calories 16 g fat 6 g saturated 1 320 mg sodium 39 g carbs 3 g fiber 15 g sugar 11 g protein unlike other steak meals a salisbury steak is an american dish made from a combination of ground beef and other ingredients.

An authentic recipe for thai fried rice ndash just like you get in thailand and at thai restaurants make this with shrimp prawns chicken or any protein you wish if you rsquo re feeling inspired indulge in a thai banquet at home with chicken satay skewers thai fish cakes and a thai red curry or green curry.

How to make chop suey chop suey is a 5 minute stir fry that starts off by sauteing garlic and onion before adding vegetables in the order in which they cook vegetables that take longer to cook go in first and more delicate vegetables like leafy greens go in last.