Homemade pesto sauce is so easy to make and tastes fresher than the purchased kind this aromatic herb paste is traditionally made with only a handful of simple ingredients fresh basil garlic parmesan cheese pine nuts and olive oil.

Alternately cut the tomatoes into quarters seed them and then grate them with a cheese grater for a smoother juicier sauce fresh raw tomato sauce only needs to be seasoned with extra virgin olive oil fresh herbs basil or parsley are best and some salt and pepper.

If a sauce ever tastes flat or bland add more salt a pinch at a time then stir and taste until it pops if you don rsquo t want to use salt you can stir in some lemon juice goat cheese nutmeg fresh herbs or fish sauce for extra flavor strict vegetarians should look for parmesan cheese made without rennet.

Mix cheese into macaroni or shells to make a creamy pasta for the richest macaroni and cheese stir together butter flour milk and cheese to make sauce then stir in cooked macaroni or shells and serve it or bake it to make it extra bubbly play around with using different cheeses to find what you like.