Ganache pronounced guh naash and rhymes with wash also called chocolate ganache is simply a mixture of two ingredients chocolate and heavy cream sometimes another flavoring is added such as a liqueur or extract yet by combining just two ingredients you can create cake filling poured glaze icing or frosting or the base for truffles.

I love chocolate so i rsquo m biased ok haha i just love anything chocolate full stop and this cake hits the spot i also love the ganache in this recipe too it rsquo s what i used to cover the cake it rsquo s silky smooth and fudgy and it rsquo s really easy to make let rsquo s talk texture though because it rsquo s just amazing this is a dense and moist.

Melted chocolate chips are one useful way to get melted chocolate quickly the greater surface area of chocolate chips makes it easier and faster to melt improving your chances of getting the melted chocolate off the heat before condensation forms and risks seizing the chocolate.

Beat in chocolate then cocoa mixture and corn syrup until light and fluffy about 2 minutes for the assembly trim the tops of the cakes to create level layers if needed place one cake layer on a cake stand or plate spread about 3 4 cup frosting hellip.

Make a batch of chocolate ganache it should be warm to the touch but not hot hold the cupcake upside down by its base and dip the top into the ganache covering it evenly twist your wrist slightly as you pull the cupcake out of the ganache this coaxes the hellip.