How to make cookies puffier for light puffy cookies use shortening or margarine and cut back on the amount of fat add an egg cut back on the sugar use cake flour or pastry flour use baking powder instead of baking soda and refrigerate your dough before baking.

10 easy christmas cookies to make with your kids from adding icing and sprinkles to creating mini reindeer and gingerbread men there are lots of ways to get kids excited about making of each of these easy holiday cookie recipes kids of all ages will enjoy making these easy christmas cookies.

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Choose the right cookies if you want your cookies to stay fresh in the mail then you should avoid sending soft buttery or moist cookies because their moisture will make them more likely to deteriorate instead opt for cookies that are drier and more crisp such as shortbreads sugar cookies biscotti or crisp gingerbread cookies.

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Pressing the send button when sending your resume to a potential employer can be a nerve racking experience we rsquo re here to show you how to create a resume using microsoft word and provide a few tips on getting you through the resume screening process so you can press that send button with confidence.