These peanut butter and chocolate fat bombs make snacking on a low carb or keto diet easy and stress free you can read everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet and diabetes in this guide on diabetes strong the ketogenic diet and diabetes ndash hellip.

Monk zero ndash this is a powdered monk fruit and erthritol based low carb sweetener that will work in our peanut butter fudge recipe too lakanto powdered monk fruit ndash lankanto also makes a powdered erythritol monk fruit blend it rsquo s a 1 1 sub for powdered sugar and works great in keto recipes powdered allulose ndash allulose is another low carb powdered sweetener hellip.

A fat bomb is quite simply a snack or dish made up of a combination of high fat ingredients such as butter coconut oil seeds and nuts and other keto friendly ingredients theyre the quintessential snack for an lchf low carb high fat diet and theyre often eaten as a way to help induce ketosis.

Then you can work on the peanut butter cups candy in between keto peanut butter cups as fat bombs this keto peanut butter cups recipe was one of the first ways that i made fat bombs i do think you can consider them that even if that isn rsquo t in the name if you want a ldquo real rdquo fat bomb recipe you can try my chocolate keto fat bombs too.

Line a muffin tray with cupcake liners combine chocolate chips and 1 tbsp coconut oil in a large microwave safe bowl microwave on high stirring every 30 seconds until chocolate is smooth and.

3 ingredient keto peanut butter cookies recipe ingredients 1 large egg 1 cup peanut butter smuckers natural peanut butter has nothing but nuts and salt 1 2 cup keto approved sweetener of your choice xylitol erythritol pyure or monk fruit each of these sweeteners may be a different ratio compared to regular sugar.

5 peanut butter fat bombs when i tried this recipe i thought i rsquo d done something wrong it tastes like rich peanut butter fudge so there rsquo s no way it rsquo s good for you but that rsquo s kind of the beauty of keto you can still enjoy peanut butter cream cheese and butter without any of hellip.

Easy keto peanut butter balls lately i have been testing out a few dessert recipes that can be eaten in just one bite hellip like these almond flour brownies bites or these mini cheesecake bites they tend to be a perfect size so it satisfies my sweet tooth and helps keep me within my carb limit.

35 delicious keto fat bomb recipes enjoy this extensive list of fat bomb keto recipes most of them fall under the no bake category so they have the additional bonus of being super easy to make 1 decadent pecan pie fudge bombs if you are a fan of chocolate butter pecan pie this fat bomb recipe was made just for you it rsquo s packed with.

Until recently low carb peanut butter fudge was my favorite keto fudge recipe but i really wanted a chocolate version and i wanted to avoid using actual sugar free chocolate in it which gets expensive so thanks again for an easy chocolatey fat bomb but further work is needed to make a chocolate fudge recipe ronny.

These are a perfect replacement for a peanut butter fat bomb if you don rsquo t tolerate peanuts or if you live in a paleo keto household and have to watch those legumes swap the raw honey with a powdered low carb sweetener like swerve birch xylitol or even liquid stevia to cut carbs even more.

2 almond pistachio fat bombs i love this keto friendly take on fudge this version is made from cacao butter and firmed coconut milk it has no added sweeteners but has a ton of flavor thanks to the vanilla extract chai spice and almond extract mdash yum topped with pistachios this fat bomb could double as a healthy dessert.

This microwave peanut butter fudge is a perfect treat and seriously one of our new faves especially when you rsquo re looking for keto holiday candy recipes no mess with watching boiling candy mixture on the stove or dealing with a candy thermometer this is the easiest keto fudge candy out there net carbs 3 per serving.

Keto donuts with brown butter glaze ndash better than bread keto no bake chocolate chip almond butter fat bomb bars ndash real balanced if you are interested in trying monk fruit sweetener for the first time or to replenish your pantry you can order lakanto monk fruit sweetener and receive 20 off your order.

Hersheys released giant reeses peanut butter cup pies just in time for thanksgiving but the 3 000 pies sold out in less than an hour heres how you can make your own peanut butter cup pie if you too missed out on the limited edition pie.

The best keto brownies ndash they melt in your mouth these impossibly fudgy chocolate brownies are almost guaranteed to win you over it rsquo s one of those must try recipes because you really need to try them at least once in your life to hellip.

The reese rsquo s peanut butter cups are right inside the fudge these turned out so much better than expected and i couldn rsquo t stop eating it everyone that i gave the fudge to was obsessed with it as well make this fudge it is the bomb 8 carbohydrates 23 g 8 protein 3 g 6 fat 8 g 12 saturated fat 4 g 20 cholesterol 7 mg 2.

Just started keto and these cookies are a perfect solution to old sugary cravings they twist great i actually used stevia 1 4 tsp or three packets is the conversion unsweetened almond milk and bakers dark chocolate i think the dough may have been a bit dry it was kinda like peanut butter cookies dough.

This epic collection of the 125 best keto pumpkin recipes is your ultimate guide to both sweet and savory low carb pumpkin recipes so many delicious pumpkin themed options here your biggest challenge will be figuring out which keto pumpkin recipes to try first.

The butter is 11 grams of fat per tbsp i use kerrygold which equates to just 22 grams for the 2 tbsp in total that rsquo s only 182 grams of fat for the entire recipe for the milk but this cookie recipe only calls for 1 cup of the yield or half the recipe in the cookies so only 91 fat grams 182 91.