How to make sweet potato nachos vegan to make sweet potato nachos vegan you really have just 2 major ingredients that need to be removed the cheese and the chicken you can simply hellip replace the chicken with a vegan friendly topping like black beans or kidney beans use a vegan mexican cheese or vegan sour cream instead of the jack cheese.

A few simple swaps and nachos can be a healthy nutritious option or a snack game day appetizer or even dinner that rsquo s exactly what i did with this sweet potato nachos recipe a few simple changes to traditional nachos and we rsquo ve got a more nutrient dense but still super tasty tray of healthy nachos.

Sweet potatoes turn the grill on to medium high heat wash the sweet potatoes and pierce with a fork wrap the sweet potatoes in a paper towel and microwave on high for 4 minutes when cool enough to handle cut sweet potatoes into wedges and toss with the olive oil chili powder and cumin salt to taste.

This mexican street corn recipe is a common mexican street food that is made by grilling corn on the cob and then coating it with a mixture made up of mayonnaise sour cream cotija cheese chile powder and lime also called elotes this easy to make mexican corn on the cob recipe is a perfect appetizer or side dish for any outdoor gathering.

Mexican picadillo this quick and easy dinner recipe comes together with minimal ingredients ground beef and potatoes are simmered in a tomato sauce laquo previous postsheet pan nachos 30 comments on ldquo mexican picadillo beef hellip.

Potato masher to be exact avocado coriander cilantro lime salt and pepper mash as you would potato very effective 3 cheese ndash a nachos without cheese doesn rsquo t exist in my world 4 jalapeno coriander cilantro and sour cream ndash basic toppings a touch of freshness goes a long way with nachos best cheese for nachos.

All about this slow cooked brisket quick and easy thanks to using the slow cooker this recipe is a set it and leave it meal that makes it perfect for busy weekdays or weekends versatile use this recipe to make the shredded brisket you can use in burrito bowls burritos nachos tacos enchiladas or salads there rsquo s so many options ingredients needed.

Secret ingredient beef nacho potato skins faith hope love and luck tomato paste salted butter ground black pepper cold water and 14 more perfect day pork and black bean nachos pork.

Dinner doesn rsquo t get much easier or more fun than sheet pan nachos the pan does double duty toast the chips first then pile high with toppings and return to the oven to melt the cheese and heat everything through here the mexican classic takes a detour to greece with pita chips a shredded greek salad and crumbled feta.

Mexican cuisine draws on indigenous staples like chile peppers and corn turn the latter into homemade masa which can be used as a base for the best masa recipes namely excellent tortillas and.

Instructions heat the oven to 400 f meanwhile put a skillet over medium high heat until hot add the ground beef and all of the seasonings and cook breaking apart with a spatula until browned and theres no more visible pink.

There rsquo s never a bad time for mexican appetizers we rsquo re always craving fresh chunky salsa impossibly creamy queso and layers upon layers of nachos homemade guac is a frequent occurrence.

Mexican roasted potato salad my husband is the no 1 fan of this south of the border potato salad the green chiles fresh cilantro and chipotle really make it something special plus the leftovers make an awesome late night snack straight from the fridge mdash elisabeth larsen pleasant grove utah.

Caldo de camaron mexican shrimp soup classic carol chicken salad cajun style crab dip baked stuffed pork chops frutas con crema mexican fruit salad gingerbread shortbread cookies xangos mexican cheesecake chimichangas hawaiian brown sugar glazed ham litl smokies in grape jelly sauce.

These slow cooker spicy chicken nachos call for mexican prepared cheese product for flavorful nachos for a crowd if you rsquo re looking for a flavor twist try feta cheese like in these greek nachos or mediterranean nachos best meat for nachos really any meat can be used for nachos as long as it rsquo s made bite sized.

Shred or dice the grilled chicken and make chicken nachos top tortilla chips with your favorite cheese and chicken then broil until the cheese is melted top with sour cream or guacamole and pineapple salsa when they come out of the oven serve mexican grilled chicken with your favorite side dishes for a simple and delicious meal.