How to make spicy asian pork cabbage rolls first you rsquo ll need to make a v shaped cut out of the bottom of each leaf this makes the cabbage leaf easier to roll up and provides two ldquo flaps rdquo to place over the meat give the broccoli slaw a quick blanch in the boiling water you used for the cabbage.

Cabbage soup making tools instant pot electric pressure cooker ndash this is the model i have and you rsquo ve seen me use it dozens of times on our live cooking show it rsquo s very very very awesome white ceramic dishware ndash i love white dishes because you can tell with a glance whether they rsquo ve been cleaned with five kids this is a real thing.

Spread a very little amount of oil in wok and fry the pork belly until cured and browned move them to one side of the wok place garlic ginger scallion white and thai peppers fry for half minutes until aromatic add cabbage in make a quick stir fry then add light soy sauce salt and sugar mix in sesame oil too serve hot.

This is the most adaptable soup its flavorful incredibly healthy and comes together in no time leftover pulled pork shredded chicken or braised beef would be delicious.

This hearty sausage soup is loaded with great flavors and it rsquo s filled with far more vegetables and meat than broth updated to add i rsquo ve made this italian white bean cabbage and sausage soup countless times over the past few years and it rsquo s a favorite freezer soup now too.