Oven baked leche flan is a version of the popular filipino leche flan dessert dish made by baking in the oven instead of the traditional method of steaming this creamy and delicious custard dish has a smooth texture and the right amount of sweetness.

My spanish chicken and chorizo stew is a go to recipe for an easy weeknight meal it rsquo s simple to prepare with little prep time tastes delicious hellip.

After all my spanish friends would swear by the stuff ndash according to any spaniard gazpacho is the best cure for a cold flu hangover break up hellip whatever is wrong gazpacho will fix it searching for the best gazpacho recipe.

Additionally you can find popular spanish dishes with a unique filipino touch some favorites are paella churros leche flan and lechon however these more authentic spanish dishes are often enjoyed by the upper class citizens while the impoverished communities take the basic idea of these dishes and make them with foods more affordable to.

Best rice to use for paella the best rice to use for paella is spanish rice labelled as bomba rice ndash or arroz bomba ldquo arroz rdquo means rice in spanish valencia rice or arroz de valencia pictured below ndash the other common name for bomba rice or calasparra rice or arroz calasparra paella rice packets tend to be very helpful providing clues such as pictures of paella or ldquo perfect for.