Nlp synsets for a word in wordnet wordnet is the lexical database i e dictionary for the english language specifically designed for natural language processing synset is a special kind of a simple interface that is present in nltk to look up words in wordnet synset instances are the groupings of synonymous words that express the same.

You can create your own slimming world syns calculator by just doing a simple sum so 100 calories 5 syns 200 calories 10 syns and so on though this slimming world syns calculator isn rsquo t completely foolproof it rsquo s usually pretty accurate and it rsquo s a great workaround if you don rsquo t have a paid membership at the moment.

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I am a women with a disability and i had no possible chance of holding these doors in place an extremely frightening experience 9 i contacted ddg verbally and in writing they passed the buck to the builder as they don rsquo t fit doors they only manufacture from hellip.

I enjoy a nice pint or two every now and again and as such ive compiled a list of syn values for different ales beers and lagers beer by strength strengthsizesynsunder 3 5 1 pint83 5 to 4 1 pint 9 54 to 6 1 pint 11 56 and over1 pint 18 5 beer by brand brandsizesynsamstel330ml bottle4boddingtons440ml hellip.


Slimming world has introduced changes to its weight loss plan on monday with revised guidance on healthy extras syns and protein rich foods.

Hi ive gone and lost the weekly password for the website and i really need to find out how many syns in 2 tablespoons of weight watchers mayonaise can anyone help please xxx.

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Gold member s 10st9 2lb c 10st9 2lb g 10st0lb bmi 24 1 loss 0st0lb 0 12 november 2009 2 heinz vegetable soup canned 400g can original 9 syns green 9 syns if you are having an extra easy day choose the lower syn value.

Hi i go by wetweeb but you can call me weeb or tippy although my name has weeb in it i dont watch too much anime my favorite game is super smash brothers ultimate and im a big nintendo fan i love to play tnt games as ive always been a fan of minigames since i played minecraft console.

26 october 2007 minerals technologies inc terminates production of its synsil glass batch composite after failing to penetrate the market us based minerals technologies inc mti has decided to stop all production of its synsil product range that was once set to revolutionise the glass manufacturing industry.

Syn values page 19 want to know how many syns is in something the slimming world syns forum has the answers ask members for syn values or post the nutritional information so others can help work it out.