Ep 69 a major cross college collaboration colleges tend to compete rather than collaborate that rsquo s why a new five college cooperative in new mexico is so unusual.

How faculty can support college students rsquo mental health this fall opinion the key podcast ep 68 higher ed rsquo s flexible work future the key podcast ep 69 a major cross college collaboration.

A new episode of the oak ridge national laboratorys sound of science podcast puts the focus on fusion building a sun on earth to produce unlimited carbon free energy may sound like science fiction but its not its a nuclear process called fusion where two atoms join together and create an.

Background the american heart association in conjunction with the national institutes of health annually reports on the most up to date statistics related to heart disease stroke and cardiovascular risk factors including core health behaviors smoking physical activity diet and weight and health factors cholesterol blood pressure and glucose control that hellip.

Major signs of type 1 diabetes pancreas unless one has been living under a rock there is no need to introduce okra or bhindi we use this vegetable to make delicious bhindi masala bhindi kadi and many other recipes.

A key driving force for international collaboration on fusion he served as iter council chair during the technical design phase for iter and again at the start of iter construction from 2011 2012 russian president vladimir putin congratulated the outstanding scientist on his birthday and noted his fruitful personal contribution to the.

Electrical engineering and computer sciences is the largest department at the university of california berkeley eecs spans all of information science and technology and has applications in a broad range of fields from medicine to the social sciences.

Hosted by marine corps veteran tanner iskra borne the battle recognizes each battle challenge and sacrifice our veterans endure during and after their service as well as spotlighting important resources offices and benefits va offers our veterans the department of veterans affairs does not endorse or officially sanction any entities that may be discussed in hellip.

A major problem with having to fulfill this role is that the police have little training in performing this kind of triage 3 4 7 10 11 12 13 as we discuss this lack of training is one of the factors that has played an important part in the criminalization of persons with mental illness.