7 tips for using the chicken marinade recipes don rsquo t omit the oil chicken breasts are really lean so in most of these marinades the oil helps to keep the cooked chicken breast moist sorry ndash that word i use free range boneless skinless chicken breasts for this you can use them with skin bone if you prefer but you may need to adjust.

How to tenderize and flatten chicken breast you rsquo ll need a meat mallet or rolling pin there are two options depending on how thick the chicken breast is and how thin the final result should be cut each chicken breast in half through the middle lengthwise cover with plastic wrap and using a meat mallet pound to the desired thickness.

Using your dominant hand hold the knife at a perpendicular angle to the chicken breast slid it into the side of the chicken breast at the approximate midpoint if one side is thicker than the other pierce the chicken closer to the thicker side the knife should be halfway between the top and bottom of the chicken breast.

The key to getting that tender juicy chicken is all in the baking chicken breast should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 f once it starts getting hotter it will start getting more tough and chewy this is why i recommend cooking with thin chicken breasts it allows the chicken to come to the temperature more quickly.

My kids and hubby loved it after reading the comments i butterfly cut the chicken breasts in half and pounded them evenly so the chicken breasts were thin and flat i added 1 4 cup of white wine and rosemary to the sauce i didnt need to brush the chicken every 5 mins because the breasts were fully emerged in the sauce.

Our recipe features a crisp thin coating and flavorful meat thanks to a wonderful marinade of thai herbs and spices use a paste of coriander garlic pepper chilies cumin fish sauce shrimp paste and sugar to marinate the chicken for up to 24 hours or at least 30 minutes in the fridge.