Thin sliced chicken breast is great for getting dinner on the table quickly toss the chicken in a lightly floured seasoning and pan fry it cook up a quick lemon shallot sauce to pour over the chicken piccata for another fancy meal lay ham and cheese on the thin sliced chicken and roll them up.

We frequently use chicken thighs in slow cooker recipes calling for boneless chicken breasts or a combination of chicken breasts and thighs here are some of the most popular boneless chicken breast recipes including casserole recipes using chicken breasts baked chicken breasts skillet recipes and more.

Boneless skinless chicken is a good option for an easy weeknight meal chicken meat pairs well with a range of flavors and without the skin it has very little fat choose from boneless skinless breast meat which is white meat or boneless skinless thigh meat which is dark each has an excellent flavor when it rsquo s baked.

A skinless boneless chicken breast is a nice even cut but even it can dry out under the intense heat of the broiler thats why our favorite method is to wrap a skinless boneless chicken breast in bacon or pancetta before broiling the fatty meat protects the chicken and adds amazing flavor.

This instant pot chicken breast recipe will show you how to cook the best perfectly juicy and flavorful chicken breast in the pressure cooker the delicious gravy is a bonus you can cook a perfect whole chicken or amazing chicken thighs right in your instant pot this chicken breast recipe is a must have in the collection.