Its the ultimate mash up craving cinnamon rolls but also waffles weve found a delicious solution where everyone wins mdash cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker use pillsbury trade grands trade refrigerated cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing and place 1 roll in the waffle maker cook and swap maple syrup for decadent cream cheese these pillsbury trade cinnamon hellip.

A century later street vendors were selling hot waffles slathered with molasses or maple syrup tip 2 the bake time and yield will vary with this recipe depending on the type of waffle iron you use some waffle irons use up to 1 cup of batter and others use just 1 2 cup tip 3.

Waffles can be served with a scoop of ice cream whipped cream and other toppings like fruit or chocolate chips candy sprinkles or chopped nuts can be added too tip 2 two or thee types of batter can be swirled into the waffle maker to hellip.

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