With the support of many people including my wonderful vet i decided to put him down we had young children in the house and it was too risky to have a 150 lb aggressive dog in that environment i learned an aggressive dog can be sweet and loving most of the time you cannot pass an aggressive dog on to someone else.

Although changes in behavior do not imply a need to put your dog down sure signs should motivate you to talk to a specialist first consider if the dog is impervious to food walks and attention finally note if your dog has become irrationally aggressive sensitive or if hellip.

Every dog and every situation will differ and the decision to euthanize an aggressive dog will ultimately come down to the severity and danger level of the situation when considering euthanasia you rsquo ll want to think about the following four things 1 the intensity level of the aggression.

Plus as one veterinarian told me it rsquo s often difficult to tell whether a dog is in pain or suffering but there are a few signs it really is time to put your dog to sleep our veterinarian gave six signs it rsquo s time to put a dog to sleep is your dog eating and drinking less than usual or not at all lack of appetite is often a sign of pain.

It can be hard to know when the time is right to humanely end your dogs pain and suffering the euthanasia of a beloved pet is a difficult and solemn time for everyone involved however it may be less of a strain if you prepared in advance for hellip.

Aggressive puppy biting puppies love to chew and bite but puppy teeth are sharp and if your hands are turning black and blue or bleeding from what seems to be aggressive puppy biting you should interrupt the behavior every single time here are some steps to manage aggressive puppy biting and other difficult puppy behaviors.

What to do if threatened by an aggressive dog 1 remain calm and still dont run this is a race you will not win if you are alone back away slowly.

The benebone receive very positive reviews from most owners the toy is very hard which helps it stand up to the teeth of even the most aggressive chewers it does tend to wear down over time as your dog gnaws off small bits but it appeared to last hellip.

It is a sticky situation when your neighbor has an aggressive animal dogs can behave aggressively for so many reasons that it is hard to pin down exactly what is going on it could be past or present abuse a puppy phase a medical condition or simply someone who is hellip.

Sometime in the 1990 rsquo s the united kingdom saw an increase in dog attacks some of which led to serious injury and death in response the parliament decided to step in and enact the dangerous dogs act to reduce these attacks however rules were applied to only a handful of aggressive dog breeds the parliament also applied strict bans on.

The humane society of grand bahama has put down three pit bulls which viciously attacked an elderly woman who was hospitalised last week with serious injuries tip hellip.

Inter dog aggression occurs when a dog is overly aggressive towards dogs in the same household or unfamiliar dogs this behavior is often considered normal but some dogs can become excessively aggressive due to learning and genetic factors inter dog aggression occurs much more frequently in non neutered male dogs.

When your dog acts out with bad behavior you may want to punish them this simply means you want to let them know that the behavior is unacceptable instead of shouting or hitting your dog youll want to use more effective punishments.

If so then it sounds like your dog is the perfect candidate for a chew toy these tough toys are designed to keep even the most aggressive dogs entertained for hours without breaking so we put them to the test all told we spent over 500 hours reviewing 80 different chew toys here are just a few of the different chew toys we put to the test.

How to handle a hungry dog if you do have a dog that would gobble down anything mdash and especially if that dog is overweight mdash then you have to take control as the pack leader consult your vet on your dog rsquo s actual dietary needs per day create a regular feeding ritual and schedule for your dog and stick to it don rsquo t let anyone in the.

Place your dog in a crate if he is too hyper for some dogs staying in the crate most of the time is better for their recovery than being let out of the crate a dog that is too hyper even when being monitored or placed on a leash can tear his incision open and hurt himself if hellip.

Put them in a time out gently put your puppy in their crate to give them a chance to calm down and prevent them from biting it rsquo s very important to make sure that they don rsquo t learn to associate.

Book 19 from 1001 books the curious incident of the dog in the night time mark haddon the novel is narrated in the first person perspective by christopher john francis boone a 15 year old boy who describes himself as a mathematician with some behavioral difficulties living in swindon wiltshire although christophers condition is not stated the books blurb refers to asperger.

My dog has been sleeping in my bed for the last 11 years lately she has been pawing at me and not wanting to sleep in the bed so i put her down and she sleeps on the floor in the bathroom or on the side of the bed i don rsquo t know why this is happening she hellip.

An ear infection could be the culprit if your dog suddenly becomes aggressive in the presence of loud noises if eating makes your dog grumpy a dental issue may be the cause an injury could be the source of your dogs sudden aggression if it seems to be in pain to explore this possibility start with a cursory physical exam.

For every time that you do walk away when the dog is showing food aggression the dog ldquo wins rdquo the reward is the food and this just reinforces the aggression of course you don rsquo t want to come in aggressively yourself especially with moderate to severe food aggression because that is a hellip.

Generally this tail position means that your dog is feeling tense maybe they encountered an aggressive dog and or a human they dont like you must take action to make your dog feel comfortable this position can be a precursor to aggression show your dog that everything is fine and help them move on 13 raised and alert.

Police can prosecute owners under the dangerous dogs act 1991 which makes ownership of certain breeds illegal and magistrates have the power to have a dog put down a civil claim against the owner for damages can be made under the animal act 1971.